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What is Break-bulk Shipping?

Break bulk is one of the oldest types of cargo transportation methods. The term break-bulk
indicates the process of breaking bulk in smaller portions of cargo.

Break bulk shipping is used when goods are too big to be housed in standard shipping containers.
Common examples of breakbulk goods include:

  • Wood, reels, and rolls
  • Steel girders and structural steel
  • Construction and manufacturing equipment
  • Train carriages and railway tracks, airplanes and wings, boats, and other vehicles
  • Bailed goods
  • Large engines and generators
  • Any other heavy or oversized goods etc

These goods are too large or heavy to be stored in vast quantities. As a result, they are shipped in
isolation or in small numbers. In this type of shipment, the cargo is usually transported in crates,
boxes, barrels, drums, other handling equipment, or is simply rolled, lifted, or pushed onto a

Break bulk shipping can be done using the air freight
forwarding service
or via the ocean freight
forwarding process.
However, most project cargo forwarders in India and overseas prefer
ocean shipping to successfully transport cargo or goods that cannot fit in standard-size shipping

Benefits of Breakbulk Shipping

Break bulking shipping offers numerous advantages benefits. Some of them are listed below: –

  • Easier: The key benefit of using break bulk shipping is that it becomes easier for
    shippers to move oversized, over-weight items that wouldn’t otherwise fit into a container or
    cargo bin.
  • Streamlined: Breakbulk is an affordable way to ship large cargo — since the item will not
    have to be dismantled while shipping.


For example, if a company has to ship a huge piece of construction machine to a particular
destination, the entire equipment gets transported in one piece – all being shipped together. The
process is smoother and more streamlined. It loads, offloads, and is delivered.

  • Can arrive at the majority of ports in the world: Breakbulk continues to hold an
    advantage in areas where port development has not kept pace with shipping technology.
    According to studies, many ports are not modernized enough to load and offload containers. In such
    cases, bulk break shipping seems to be a better option. It also helps underdeveloped countries
    receive the goods and supplies they need for survival.
  • Saves processing time: Containers carry a variety of goods, as a result, they require
    several bills of lading for each type of product/goods.
    However, in breakbulk, the paperwork process is easier, because it has just one bill of lading for
    the entire shipment. This saves time in transporting products.


The Break-Of-Bulk Point

In supply chain and logistics, the break of bulk point signifies the location where goods are moved
from one mode of transportation to another. These points are usually sea ports or airports.

Once the goods arrive by a ship or an airplane, they are moved across land or via some other mode of
transport. But, whether it’s a truck or a train, logistics partners ensure the goods reach their
final destination in good condition, within the desired timeframe.

Tip: If you are using break-bulk shipping, make sure you check the break-of-bulk point so that you
are aware of the kind of journey your goods would take.

Arranging/Organizing Break Bulk

The biggest challenge when shipping break bulk cargo is that it requires steady coordination and
planning – it needs efficient loading and unloading cranes, specialized warehouses and transport
vehicles, knowledgeable and efficient project cargo forwarders, customs brokers, etc.

Therefore, if you ever decide to opt for break bulk shipping, make sure you approach a reputable,
experienced and capable company – one that can help you handle the logistics job effortlessly.

Neutral Consolidation Services is one such logistics company in Mumbai that has years of experience in break bulk
shipping. A genuine logistic company, the Neutral Consolidation Services ensures safe delivery of a shipment – be
it any destination. Moreover, the project cargo forwarders ensure it responds to all queries so that
no customer is left unsatisfied.

One of the top international freight forwarders in India, the group is strong and capable enough to
withstand the tests of time, including pandemics. With innovative ideas and the help of modern
technology, the company is able to mold its services as per the situation and requirements.

Neutral Consolidation Services has shipped every sort of break bulk cargo. So if you have any upcoming break bulk
shipments, get in touch with the team today!

All rates used in this are for explanatory reasons only and not indicative of the actual rate in any

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