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Top Advantages of Sea Freight Importers / Exporters in India

Sea freight is one of the most available modes of transport since water covers most of our planet. One of the oldest options for freight transportation, sea freight has competitive advantages over other services. Read on to understand the benefits of hiring a sea freight exporter in India/ sea freight importer in India. Cheap/Cost-Effective As […]

Neutral Consolidation Services is One of the Best Logistics Company in Mumbai

Neutral Consolidation Services LLP is one of the best logistics company in Mumbai. The firm has a legacy of delivering promises since 1950. A premiere ISO 9001 certified, IATA approved – this company obtains certifications like: Authorized economic operator-lo certificate World health organization good distribution practices (gdp) etc Empowered by a talented and enthusiastic pool […]

Benefits of Air Freight Importer and Exporter in India

Air freight services are considered to be the best option for transporting goods that needs fast transport and delivery If you are in two minds whether to approach an air freight importer in India/ air freight exporter in India – have a read below. We have listed down the benefits of air freight services, to […]

Importing and Exporting Dangerous Goods in India

Dangerous goods are items or materials with hazardous properties. They are categorized into various divisions and can be identified according to whether or not they are flammable, poisonous, explosive, or have the potential to cause any other type of harm, damage, or hazard. As a result, dangerous goods importers/ exporters in India need to handle […]

Pharmaceutical Logistics Services for Import & Export in India

Best Pharmaceutical Import & Export Freight Forwarding Services in India While importing & exporting pharmaceutical products, your logistics partner needs some special know-how of the growing demand in the pharma industry. As pharmaceutical products range from healthcare, medical and surgical instruments to cosmetic raw materials, etc. In many cases, these medicines may react to a […]

The Best Logistics Company in India- Neutral Consolidation Services

Neutral Consolidation Services is One of the Best Logistics Company in India Neutral Consolidation Services LLP is one of the best logistics company in India. We have a legacy of delivering promises since the 1950s! We provide you with nonpareil solutions to ship your products from any corner of the globe to your desired destination. […]

The Ocean Freight Forwarding Process – Neutral Consolidation Services

Ocean Freight Forwarding Shipping your goods internationally can be complicated and confusing. Businesses face multiple obstacles in their shipping process. Hence, working with a qualified international freight forwarder is very essential. The right ocean freight forwarder ensures that your shipping process is efficient and standardised. So, if you’re looking to understand the step by step […]

The 7 Rs’ of Logistics Services in India

7 “Rights’’ or “Rs’ ” is one of the most essentials concepts in logistics management. If logistics services companies in India want to excel in their functionality – they need to follow the 7 Rs’ as given below. These seven rights facilitate the moving and storing of goods in an efficient, timely, and reliable manner. […]

Steps Involved in International Freight Forwarding Service in India

The international freight forwarding process is the flow of shipment/goods between two global destinations. International freight forwarders in India arrange this transportation of cargo depending on the consignee’s/firm requirement. Different kinds of products are imported and exported by freight forwarders in conjunction with air freight, ocean freight, or even by land transportation services depending on […]